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Charlotte Bilingual Preschool recognizes that building an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) pipeline will help us meet the needs of our growing community, while offering a stable professional career for the families that we serve.

We are actively recruiting new participants to our Workforce Development Program by inviting all CltBP parents, employees, extended family and CltBP community members who are interested in a career in ECE.

This is how we are helping:
  • We support aspiring bilingual ECE teachers by enrolling them in higher education courses at local community colleges, guiding them to obtain certifications/AA and BA degrees and referring them for GED/HiSet. Some of the courses are offered in Spanish.
  • We assist with the translation and validation of foreign education documents; and when these documents are not available, we offer the opportunity to complete a high school diploma in the US, through strategic partnerships with NC Community Colleges.
  • When a student does not have English proficiency, we provide advice on ESL coursework options​. 
  • Apprenticeship Program​- If your goal is to become a certified ECE teacher, we offer you the opportunity to become an apprentice, by providing classroom experience with specialized training, while guiding you to complete college course requirements. Apprenticeships are paid and when you complete the program you will be qualified to be a lead preschool teacher anywhere in North Carolina.

Many of our students’ family members are already benefiting from our integral approach. If you are interested in receiving more information, please complete this form or write to:

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6300 Highland Ave| Charlotte, NC 28215


Since 2014, Charlotte Bilingual Preschool has been awarded the highest ranking by the North Carolina Division of Child Development.

Charlotte Bilingual Preschool is proud to be a partner in the Smart Start of Mecklenburg network.

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